How It Works

We have worked very hard to secure quality products, amazing vendors we trust, and continue to look at new ones so you won't have to. You purchase one of the bundles we offer to fit every budget, which includes your branded tent like ours and a starting inventory. You also get exclusive access to our library of video tutorials and instructional manuals where you will find all the necessary information you need to accept credit card payments, ideas and examples of what you can do to promote yourself, where to sell, and support you in every way. Once you sell your inventory, you simply come back to the restock page on our website, exclusively available to our partners, where you gain access to all the products we offer at wholesale prices.

Trumpportunity is a business in a box, this is not a franchise, no royalty payments are due, or advertising fees, and your original fee covers the cost of all you need to hit the ground running. There are no other costs or contractual obligations. We recognized an amazing opportunity and our goal is to support YOUR business and share our expertise and experience. We will provide you with a one-stop shop to restock your inventory by allowing you to select from a wide array of quality items to resell. No need to create new designs, buy printing equipment, or wonder what works and sells. Just browse through our entire selection and re-order as you need. It’s that simple. We continue to look for new ideas and seasonal items so you can continue to offer a larger selection to your customers.

Purchasing Bundles

Bundle 1:

Testing the Waters

Starter Package

Bundle 2:

I Am A Believer

All In Package

Bundle 3:

It's Huuuge

Double Trouble Package