Before investing your hard earned money into any business, you need all your questions answered, it’s important that you have the knowledge you need before you take the leap. You will find below the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding joining Trumpportunity.


Why should I buy?

This is the only opportunity of its kind in the country. The paraphernalia market is a point of sale, impulse buy not likely to be purchased online in our niche (Trump political merchandise). We appeal to a new market the likes we’ve never seen before. Low capital investment, high margin, great flexibility, with low overhead and operating costs matched by an incredible demand make it easy to be successful

What is the total investment?

We are NOT a franchise, we do NOT charge an initial franchise fee, you do NOT require massive working capital, or equipment, fixtures, signage or training that can run tens of thousands of dollars. Your total investment includes your branded tent and inventory, and YOU decide which of the bundles we offer best fits you. The different bundles are listed on this website.

Who is my competitor?

Of course you’ve seen the signs, t-shirts and hats and competition exists both in the marketplace and online, but competition is highly fragmented, and few places offers a comprehensive one stop show for everything Trump, with a focus on the local markets. The early success with our first tent proves that our products are direct to consumer items, impulse buy that requires a physical presence, and the flexibility of your operation allows you to cover different locations, venues, tailgates, shows, unlike a store or website.

What else do I pay once I have my tent?

Simply, NOTHING! Trumpportunity is born from the desire to empower the entrepreneur, give an opportunity to all, and capitalize on an incredible demand. There is no marketing fund, royalty or other fees. You purchase your products at discounted prices from our selection and you keep your profits.

How long does it take to open?

Technically, you can open the day you get your bundle! However it will take a few days to set up an account to accept credit card payment.

Do you help me finding a good location?

No. While we will always share our expertise and experience with what has worked for us, it is up to you to find where to set up your business. In reality, you have a better knowledge of your local region, high traffic areas and where you’re likely to find your customers.

What other expenses do I have?

Display table and chairs (it doesn’t make sense to include those in our bundle since you may already have a folding table you can use, and shipping costs would be high), employee costs if you prefer to have someone else selling at your tent, or if you have multiple tents, cost of products you purchase from us, and miscellaneous, such as the cost of accepting credit cards, licenses if your state requires it, fees charged by a venue is you want to set up at a flea market.

How much money can I make?

We are prohibited by law and common sense from predicting your results, and these will vary from one individual to another. Our business model is designed so that we provide you with high margins to provide you with a high return on your investment. Our tent sales last year, varied from a few hundred dollars on the side of the road to thousands at a local gun show. Remember, YOUR success is what drives us, so we are invested in insuring you order more! It sure beats working for a rideshare company, cleaning houses or working a second job to make ends meet. In our case, it’s been life changing, we hope it can be for you too!

What is the future of Trumpportunity?

We recognize that the focus of our business carries an expiration date and not something built for long term growth. The November elections will obviously define our future in the near term when it comes to political paraphernalia. However, we are a t-shirt and apparel company first and we will continue to offer general merchandise through the same model, targeted to your communities and customers. These are exciting time and this is the most exciting opportunity, don’t miss out!!