Business Opportunity

Our growing business is a testament to this economy, this administration, and the vibrancy of the American Dream. We are a small business, rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit our country fosters, and with today’s incredible success, our philosophy and outlook on life remains unchanged. We believe that our story is a celebration of what America offers, and that our success is to be shared with others, hard working people who still believe that with hard work anything is feasible.

After nearly two years of experiencing an amazing demand of paraphernalia for our President, and many requests, we decided to make this opportunity available to the like-minded individual. Whether you support our President like we do, looking to make extra money in your spare time, looking for options with the rise of the gig economy, looking to take control of your future, or simply craving to become your own boss, seize the opportunity in Trump’s America! We present you with Trumpportunity! For many, the COVID-19 pandemic also means the loss of a business, a job, a career, and our "business in a box" concept is an affordable, easy to operate mobile and flexible way to earn a living with a great return on your investment. Being an outdoor point-of-sale, we also believe that it will be less impacted by the restrictions imposed by state and local authorities as our economy re-opens.

We considered every detail and put together a turnkey solution to allow you to be successful and profitable in no time. 

Our story can be replicated and can be yours. Over the past year, we have put together a list of products for our tent, kiosk and store, picked out our best sellers to insure you have in demand products, and spare you the trial and error and growing pains we went through; you know that color or style no one wants, or that gizmo you think will sell and ends up collecting dust. We want YOU to succeed like we have and be part of the story. This has proven life changing for us, but short of cloning ourselves, we simply can’t be everywhere and this is where you come in. What better way than to celebrate this economy and capture a piece of what capitalism is giving us, and often eludes us, by putting you in control and enjoy the prosperity we have found.